Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 4 Day 3

Tomorrow is most of the casts' last day of shooting. I hope that they all have enjoyed this experience as much as I have. One day, and I feel it's coming soon for me at least, we will all pine for the days when we could jump up at a moments notice and dance our asses off, and it is our benefit that we will be immortalized dancing on film.
Getting to work with such incredibly talented people for the past month has been so inspiring. Do I know how to work a movie camera? No. Do I know how to set up a lighting rig? No. Do I know how to make sure 20 dancers get through hair and make-up in time for the first shot of the morning? No. Do I know how to feed 100 plus people for 12 hours straight? Maybe. Everyone would get a can of Pringles at 7am and be told to shut up.
But seriously, I'm completely grateful to be part this project. Even coming home tonight with splinters in my ass, literally, IN MY ASS, I can not wait to get back on set tomorrow morning. Chaz, get that french toast ready.

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  1. who needs french toast when there's chicken salad??