Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Improvisations Day One

Yesterday we plowed through almost all of ‘Improvisations’. Who would have thought that a movement called ‘Improvisations’ would take so much planning? This was most of the casts’ first day of filming and I imagine that it may have come as a shock to them how tiring it can be. Trying to manage energy is draining. If I sit down during this break, I will have to get back up off the floor, which expends more energy than having just stayed standing during the break. But if I stay standing, my feet will be killing me by the time we start shooting again. What do you do? I’ll tell you. Drink coffee.

I have drunk more coffee these two weeks than I have during my whole life so far. It has replaced my blood.

To me it is really important to stay focused and positive on set. It is easy to jump on the bitch wagon and drag everyone behind. Yes this process is beyond tedious and we don’t have a clear idea of how things look on camera, but when this is over and we’re all immortalized on film we’ll be grateful for these long shoots making sure we look hot.

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