Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Bad Ass Moment

Over the course of filming Opus Jazz, I witnessed some pretty crazy moments. Most could only truly be appreciated by other dancers (man on man finger pirouettes anyone?) but one occurrence should amaze everyone. On one of the last days of filming, we were wrapping up a scene in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and getting ready to head for the next shooting location, my new favorite place on Earth, the Imlay Building in Red Hook. We were running behind schedule and the next shot required the sunset in the background. And wouldn't you know it, the Sun was tired and she was heading to bed. As we all packed in to our Opus Jazz-mobiles, a police cruiser pulled up in front of us and with a wave of the officers hand we began our motorcade. The Fuz lead us up one way streets, through red lights and over sidewalks to get around traffic. No one was sure just how this police escort came to be, but if there's one thing you learn fast growing up in NYC, it's don't question the NYPD.

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