Friday, August 21, 2009

Test Shoot for 'Statics"

Our first day on set. What to expect? We'd seen pictures of possible locations, but now Gina and I were to be the first members of the cast to go out and test one out.
'Statics' is the 2nd movement of Opus Jazz, and without a doubt, the darkest and sexiest. One can view it as a scene where a girl enters the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe it's about a girl who is just asking for trouble and in the end gets it. Never the less, this movement is filled with sexual tension, overt sexuality and violence. It is fantastic.
So Gina, the sexy little spitfire in 'Statics', and I went to test out lighting and spacing. The location is enormous and rather scary. Open elevator shafts, abandoned stairways, broken glass, walls falling in...all I can think is "Lets dance!"
After waiting for lights to be hung and cameras to be set up, we try to place some important shots so that things move quickly when everyone is here next week. One would think that dancing on stage at Lincoln Center for 11 years would make you immune to being watched, but standing with a giant camera two feet in front of my face made me hyper aware of everything I did. They weren't even rolling, but I kept thinking, 'How does my hair look?, are my eyes crossed?, do I have food in my teeth?". I'm sure I'll get use to it, but this first day was a wake up call to what we're all in for.
And I frankly can't wait.

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