Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Real Deal. Day One.

2 am, View of Lady Liberty from the set. We both need to lay down soon.
Gina tries on one of what seemed to be a million different tank tops. All in the search of sexiness.

The make-up and hair station.

Yesterday I arrived in Red Hook at 3:15 pm for a final costume fitting and to have my first day of filming. I was picked up at the subway station by a large white van marked, "Opus Jazz Film". Being driven through Brooklyn, I began to get really excited, this is finally going to happen. I have marked down days in my calendar years earlier for this experience, and those dates have come and gone. Now I was about to actually get in front of that camera and help make what I believe will become an extraordinary dance film.
I was completely unprepared for the bombardment of crew members bustling around the Imlay Building, where 'Statics' will be filmed, dragging cables, installing lighting rigs, moving god knows what from here to there.
At the test shoot last week there were maybe ten crew members there, and I naively thought that that would be about all. I had seen photos from when 'Passage for Two', the fourth movement, was filmed on NYC's Highline and I don't remember seeing the amount of crew there like I did here. I am positive that there are towns out west with populations much lower than the city that had come to live in the Imlay Building.
After settling in and meeting the more important (to me) crew members, I finalized some costumes, got a quick hair trim and had some make up applied to a few zits. I love how all make up and hair stylist have what seems to me mandatory tattoos. I love tattoos and there's nothing better to stare at while someone is trying to cover up the nastiness on your face.
So after I was dressed and made up, I waited.
I don't mind waiting, that's what most of life is. I know that everyone is moving along as fast as they can, so why get annoyed? But the only bad thing about waiting, is thinking. Am I going to look stupid on camera. I'm not an actor. Can I pull this off? Thinking is not all that it's cracked up to be. You can do a lot of damage with just your brain and some free time.
Luckily things eventually went well. I didn't fall off my bike. I managed to stay in frame, and I'm presently full of fantastic craft service food.

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