Saturday, August 29, 2009

And We're Back.

So I took a few days off from writing due to a lack of coherent thoughts from lack of sleep, and due to some set backs in filming. I don't have permission to discuss what caused these set backs, nor do I want to jinks the possible gains made to fix them. In time I'm sure I will share with all of you the ins and out of what has gone in to making this movie.
But I've learned something from this mysterious set back. It was easy to see that everyone involved with putting this movie together was invested in their part. Like all professional workers, they are putting their all in to their work. But you can also bust you ass working on something that you don't care about. I have danced in ballets that wore me out but which I had no real attachment to. It's the least enjoyable part of my job, but it happens. When I came to work on Wednesday afternoon, and everyone was learning about what was temporarily screwing us, you could feel the pain in everyone that we weren't going to pick up that evening where we left off the early morning before. I can tell that everyone is in this project wholeheartedly. I never would have thought that production members would give a shit about seeing this ballet come to life on film, I thought this was just another job for them, but now I know that we are all making this, that it's not just us dancin' around the city in front of a camera. Everyone is giving the best of their craft and in the end this movie is going to fucking rock.

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